Upon purchase of ‘Museum of Digital Life’ NFT (MoDaL), the new owner will have access to the MoDaL project files, including all the assets and code. The project files create a functional data set that can be built into an executable application.

Additionally, the owner will have access to the runnable application.

The owner has rights to provide the public with free access to MoDaL or to monetize MoDaL through selling virtual tickets. If MoDaL is opened to the public, the new owner will cover server costs and multiplayer license costs (MoDaL was built using the Photon multiplayer engine).

If needed, MoDaL can be integrated into a future metaverse platform and adapted to support new XR glasses.

With every resell, Delta Reality will collaborate with the new owner to create additional content for MoDaL.

The owner cannot modify or expand MoDaL independently, but solely with the help of the Delta Reality team.

Upon reselling, the previous owner must delete any assets, code and project files for MoDaL.

If you have any questions, ask at modal@deltareality.com, and we will update this text accordingly.